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How to study effectively | Study Booster

Best Study Tips And Tricks or Study Boosters That Can Help You During Exam time or Starting Study ( Life Hacks Of Study)

1) “Improve your brain’s functioning by indulging in certain exercises like reading, solving puzzles or playing music. More work you let your brain do increases its ability to memorize concepts.”

2)”Reading immidiately after a lecture you attended and giving a glance after going home will lock the concept in your memory and can be retrieved in your exams.”

3) “Write down all the formulae at the very beginning of the exam, you are prone to forgetting them in pressure as the time passes.”

4) “Teach someone else the chapter you’re learning. Teaching someone else is extremely effective way to better understand the concept.”

5) “Avoid studying in the same place regularly. Changing your study environment while learning helps you retain knowledge effectively.”

6) “Study in group only if everyone has read the study material. You do not gain much if this is not the case.”

7) “Instead of simply reading it over again and again, by speaking it out loud you are 50% more likely to remember anything.”

8) “Learn to play a musical instrument. Apart from being fun, it improves your IQ by as much as 5 points.”

9)”While studying, take a short review at every 25 minutes interval of the newly learned topic to prevent skimming.”

10) “Listen classical music while study. Not knowing the lyrics of a song means brain doesn’t split its focus.”

11) “You can remember the value of a pi (3.1415926) by counting each word’s letters in “May I have a large container of coffee”.

12) “Use ‘Chunking’ to learn anything. People remember things better if learn related ideas in small chunks.”

13) “Studying at green surrounding or glancing at green colour can make you more creative.”

14) “Drawing diagrams helps you better memorize it.”

15)”Rewriting notes by hand is a good habit to learn more effectively than using gadgets.”

16)”Want to complete homework without being interrupted by someone?

Put your headphones, even if you are not listening to music.”

17) “Use the snack incentive while studying.”

18) “Save time studying by listening to recorded lectures at twice the speed.”

19)”Take notes using different colored pens.This will fire up your visual memory. It also looks pretty and makes taking notes more enjoyable.”

Ref: Life Hack Tips – Daily Tips For Your Life

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