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25 Natural and Home remedies for Headache

” Always remember first option should be natural and home remedies and last option should be pain killer medicine”

* Place cold pack on forehead

* Avoid bright light and usage of mobile/ computer/ laptop
*Avoid chewing hard food
* Drink coffee or Tea
*Relax your mind and body
* Don’t take stress
*Drink ginger tea
* Drink water and keep yourself hydrated
* Sleep and rest( for some time).
* Massage your head
* Eat food( which are rich in magnesium and vitamin B complex)
*Eat fruits and vegetables ( orange, carrots)
*Drink warm lemon water
* Drink peppermint tea
*Eat yogurt
*Eat Banana
*Eat potatoes
* Eat sweet potatoes
* Eat Pumpkin seeds
*Eat almonds
* Eat spinach
* Eat salmon fish
* Eat eggs
* Apply lavender oil or Peppermint oil
* Press Acupressure points which relieve headache ( Example:Ll-4 point)

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