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25 Amazing Benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Benefits, side effects, dosage of Apple cider vinegar

* It is beneficial for weight loss

* It has anti aging properties

*It improves blood sugar level

*It improves immunity

*It is good for skin

* It has anti microbial properties

*It removes fatigue

* It increases energy level

* It increases strength

*It is good for digestion

*It cures heart burn

*It cures acid reflux

* It cures runny nose

* It cures sinus infections

*It reduces blood sugar

*It detoxifies body.

* It removes bad cholesterol

*It supports liver function

*It protects person from Cancer

*It reduces Belly fat

*It contains:





amino acids;


* It kills harmful bacteria

* It is good for hair

* It removes acne

* It treats sunburn

Note: It should be consumed in diluted form( mixed in water)

Dosage:Don’t drink more than 1 tablespoon in a day

When to you drink it?

Answer: Before meals

*Side effects due to long time usage in larger quantity:

a) Throat burn

b) Damages tooth enamel

c) Stomach upset

d) Changes insulin and potassium levels.It lower potassium levels in the body .Those who are on Diabetes and potassium lowering medicine should avoid it

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