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How to sleep in few minutes?

Get rid of insomnia naturally without medicine:

* Eat food which contains magnesium and melatonin: Almonds, Walnuts,Fish, cucumber, pomegranate,Pumpkin seeds,yogurt, eggs, spinach…

* Relaxation: Releasing any tension prepares your body for sleep.

Start at your toes and move up your body( Relax each part)

* Breathing ‑ if you breathe quickly it will be much harder to relax and be calm

By slowing down your inhaling and exhaling you regulate your nervous system. Focus on slow, soft breaths.

* Posture: lower your shoulder. Relax them.

* Face: Relax your face( forehead, eyes..)

* Meals: Take light dinner

* Exercise: Do exercise regularly

* Tea and coffee: Avoid tea and coffee before sleeping.

* Avoid using mobile and computer , one or two hours before sleeping

* Darkness : Keep bedroom dark.

* Afternoon: Don’t sleep for many hours in afternoon

* Massage do wonders.

* Smell lavender oil

* Avoid alcohol.

* Seek help of our Creator and Lord Almighty: Constantly and regularly seek His help.

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