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25 Amazing Benefits of Running.

Useful benefits of Running and Jogging

* It can burn calories

* It can reduce belly fast

* It increases stamina

* It maintains cardiovascular health

*It strengthen bones

* It makes stomach flat

* It maintains healthy weight

* It strengthen muscles

*It gives improvement in sleep

*It makes skin clearer and healthier

*It removes toxins from skin

*It enhances blood circulation in skin

*It protects from Alzheimer’s disease

* It develops cognitive function

* It improves immunity

* It reduces risk of diabetes

* It reduces risk of cancer

*It builds immunity

* It is good for mental health

* It protects from depression

* It strengthen joints

* It is good for heart

* It can improve your memory

*It helps you in running race

* It improves brain performance and prevents hair fall

Caution: Run on alternate days for 10 to 15 mins( Best and preferred option)

There should be rest days

Don’t run for more than 20 mins.

Person suffering knee injury should avoid running.

Don’t run daily

If you cannot run…Do Jogging

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