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25 Natural remedies to control and cure Diabetes

Natural remedies for controlling and curing diabetes

Miraculous remedies for curing diabetes: Two Best Medicine to cure and treat diabetes:” Control and Sacrifice”

*Attitude & Approach:Don’t take stress, live peaceful life

*Easy cure for Diabetes:Plan your diet as prescribed by Doctors and Dietitian who are specialized in controlling and curing diabetes

*Feeling and Attitude: “My diabetes will surely get cured”…Golden words for diabetic patients

* Precautions and warning: Don’t underestimate diabetes and it’s harmful effects on body

1) Exercise Regularly.

2)Reduce Carbohydrates and glucose intake

3)Drink adequate water

4) Increase fibre intake

5)Check blood sugar levels: Prevention is better than cure

6) Control your diet and appetite

7)Eat food which contains magnesium and chromium

8) Sleep for 8 to 9 hrs( at a stretch).Sleep early.

9) Include fenugreek seeds in your diet

10) Don’t take stress

11) Eat Bitter gourd

12) Eat Indian gooseberry

13) Do relaxation exercise

14)Running and Brisk walking

15) Swimming and Cycling

16) Include cinnamon and ginger in your diet

17)Avoid refined sugar

18) Avoid whole grains( which contain gluten)

19) Avoid Alcohol

20)Don’t be overweight.If you are overweight then lose weight.

21)Quit smoking

22) Eat food which are rich in vitamin C

23)Plan your diet( as prescribed by Doctors and Dietician)

24)Eat non starchy food: Carrots, Lettuce…

25)Avoid fast food.

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