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How to get rid of weakness?

“Super 20” to remain energetic throughout the day.

Get rid of weakness, fatigue,laziness and lethargy

Keep yourself super charged throughout the day through Super 20

1)Lie on your back and use pillows to keep your feet at a level higher than your head

2)Eat a good breakfast

3)Eat more high-fibre foods

4)Reduce your intake of fatty foods

5)Take Ginseng and Ashwaghanda as supplement

6)Keep yourself hydrated

7)8 hours sleep


9) Eat banana

10)Eat dates

11)Eat Almonds

12)Eat spinach

13)Drink Milk

14)Eat eggs

15)Eat balanced diet

16) Eat fruits and vegetables

17)Eat potatoes

18)Eat yogurt

19) Don’t take stress

20)Do relaxation exercise.

Follow 20 tips and stay energetic and healthy throughout the day

Follow these 20 tips to get rid of tiredness, fatigue, Lethargy, weakness regularly

Follow these 20 tips and you will not feel weakness and tiredness in the morning ,after work out, after less work, in summer, after few minutes work,after exercise,after lecture,after teaching,after walking,after running,after body building exercise,after account calculations,after studying for some time,while cooking food or doing house hold work,after traveling,after waking up,in the evening,after reaching home from work..

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