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Why do trees lose their leaves in autumn ? | Natural Hub

Nature has given trees the means to defend themselves against bad weather, but is that enough?

Trees in autumn adapt to the cold, the trunk protected by the bark, the roots by the soil, only the leaves are confronted with the rigor of the climate.

The drop in temperature and the decrease in warmth time mean that the leaves no longer receive sap, which is an essential nutrient for the survival of the leaves.

The leaves then feed on their provisions, before dehydrating, hardening and eventually falling.

The color of the leaves deteriorates as the sunlight is reduced, which mainly influences deciduous leaves.

Unlike deciduous leaves, evergreen leaves in conifers such as pine, cedar or spruce keep their leaves because they are needle-shaped or flake-shaped and have much smaller exposure surfaces.

Deciduous leaves are more allergic to cold than evergreens, which resist better by keeping their autumn robes.

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