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Why is seawater salty ? | Natural Hub

It is necessary to go back billions of years in history to understand and find the roots of this phenomenon.

In the past, volcanoes almost never extinguished, always erupting, which released a huge amount of carbon dioxide, chlorine, sulfur as well as water vapor into the air.

A hundred million years later, the earth cooled down, causing condensation of water vapor which then caused long and torrential rains.

It rained like never before, huge amounts of water poured on our planet Earth, dragging with it all the gases propelled by volcanoes, they are called acid rain.

When it falls back to earth, these rains cause erosion.

Acidic water, through its runoff on land and the relief found on its way, creates rivers, seas and oceans.

The erosion mechanism charges acidic water with mineral salts, nibbling on the rocks, which they transport to its final cradle, the seas and oceans.

The salt most present in the seas and oceans is sodium chloride, which is used in our kitchen and more precisely at the table.

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