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How is a rainbow formed ? | Natural Hub

The Sun and a wet weather are the main components of the Rainbow. When the sunlight with its white light rays cross the water drops, the different colours that constitute the white light split up, to be scientifically accurate, the colours are refracted, thus forming a rainbow.

White light is refracted through the drops of water which displays all the colours, but the human eye can only see one colour per drop, and that is why the height of the drops is a crucial determinant in the order of the colours which is always respected.

The highest drops to the outside allow us to see red, while the lowest drops inward allow us to see purple. Between red and purple, we see the orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo colours in that order which makes the seven colours of the rainbow. The more the drops of water are big, the more the rainbow is colorful. Nature never ceases to amaze us, we need to uncover its mysteries that surround us…

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