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Natural and Effective home remedy for Dark circle | Health Center

Dark Circles

Dark discoloration of the skin under and around the eye is known as dark circles or dark rings or shadows.Dark circles are not a serious skin problem, but they make people look tired, exhausted, unhealthy and older. If dark circles are not treated on time, they will not only dull your overall appearance, it can also lead to serious health issues.

  1. Cucumber:
    Cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices and chill it for about 30 minutes. Place the slices on the dark circles for about 10 minutes and wash the area thoroughly with water. Repeat this process twice a day.
  2. Potatoes:
    Grate some raw potato and extract the juice of the same. Soak a cotton ball in the potato juice and place these cotton balls on your eyes by closing the eyes.Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water.
  3. Almond Oil:
    Before going to bed, apply a little almond oil over the dark circles and gently massage it into the skin and leave it overnight. Wash it in the next day morning and repeat this process daily.
  4. Tomato:
    Mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with one-half teaspoon of lemon juice. Gently apply this mixture on the dark circles and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Rinse it off with water. Repeat this process 2-3 times daily.
  5. Cold milk:
    Take a cotton ball and place it in a bowl of cold milk or iced water for a while and then apply the cotton ball by covering the entire eye with the affected area.
  6. Rose Water:
    Soak cotton eye pads in rose water for a few minutes and place the soaked pads on your closed eyelids. Leave them on for about 15 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat this process twice a day.

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