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How to reduce Stress In Few Minutes | Get rid from stress


Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it’s an omnipresent part of life.

1. Chamomile:
Put 2 Tablespoons of dried, loose chamomile flowers in a teapot , fill with boiling water, steep for 5 minutes, then strain and drink. You might also add some honey. Drink chamomile tea early and often.

2. Massage:
Slightly warm sesame, olive or coconut oil and use the warm oil to massage your forehead, neck, shoulders, back and bottom of your feet.
Then, take a warm bath.

3. Basil leaves:
Chew 10 to 12 fresh holy basil leaves twice daily.

4. Eat the right foods:
Make sure you include foods such as pulses, fresh vegetables and fruits, milk and grains such as rice and tapioca. Avoid spicy chutneys and pickles, sour cream, chicken, fish, meat, cheese, onion, garlic and urad dal.

5. Music:
A number of studies show that listening to music, especially classical or baroque, may help you unwind and improve your mood. So, listen to your favourite music snd get lost in it.

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