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How to get rid from Snoring – Get rid from Snoring

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring
Snoring is affected by obesity, lying on the back, alcohol consumption, and obstruction in the nose.

Weight loss: It is advisable to lose weight since there appears to be a correlation between the weight of an individual, the circumference of the neck, and snoring. However, though there is a positive decrease in snoring with weight loss, individuals find it difficult to the stick to the weight loss regimen. Surgical interventions are also hampered in an obese individual.

Sleep position: Individuals who sleep on their back, show a high frequency of snoring. Use of bolsters, special pillows, and attaching things to the back, are ways to reduce snoring. These precautions may benefit certain individuals, while others may require different interventions.

Nasal splint: In the case of a rare nasal obstruction, nasal splints aid in opening the nasal passage, and reducing the volume and frequency of snoring. There are internal, reusable splints and external, disposable splints.

Homeopathy: Snoring may be reduced with homeopathic medications with an efficacy rate of 80%.

Oropharyngeal sprays: Snoring is reduced with oropharyngeal sprays. These sprays have an efficacy rate of 30%.
Aromatherapy: Marjoram oil, peppermint oil are decongestants that are applied at the base of the neck to ease air passage.

Avoid alcohol: There is increased upper airway resistance due to the sedative effect of alcohol. The muscles of the thorax relax and are not effective in controlling the movement of air through the nasal passage. The effect of alcohol on snoring is during the initial hours of sleeping and varies from individual to individual based on the dose. Hence, alcohol should be avoided or restricted in individuals susceptible to snoring.

Diet: Onions, garlic, horseradish, and thyme are useful in reducing snoring and the noise that is generated. Herbal teas and hot drinks aid in humidifying the nasal air passage. Honey added to these hot drinks coats the nasal passage and prevents excess vibration.

Simple Throat Exercises
Push back the bottom row of teeth until you find the muscles on the side of the neck tighten.
Clench the teeth and hold for 2 minutes. You will feel the throat muscles tighten.
Apply pressure on the chin by pushing it backwards until you feel the muscles on the neck tighten.
Singing tends to improve the muscle tone of the throat. A study performed at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust observed that singing exercises helped to control snoring. The exercises involve singing sounds, such as “ung” and “gar”, in a particular manner to help tighten throat muscles.

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