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How to Make Friends As an Adult or Student

The importance of friends

Having a weak circle of friends carries the same risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Researchers suggest that the core factors in a happy life are the number of friends, the closeness of friends, the closeness of family, and relationships with neighbors and co-workers.

Reconnect with old friends

You have probably met a large number of friends through just a handful of people. Those are your superconnectors. Rekindle those friendships and ask them if there is anyone you should meet.

Connecting to people

Don’t be interesting. Be interested.
• Listen to people and ask them to tell you more.
• When they mention something you have in common, point it out.
• Be enthusiastic and encouraging.

Be Vulnerable

Go past discussing only the weather. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to help lay the ground for a closer personal connection.

Don’t Be A Stranger

Make the time to spend time with your friends so that they will know that you value them.
Research suggests to check in with your friends at least every two weeks.

Start A Social Group

Denmark has the happiest people in the world. One reason is that 92% of them belong to some kind of social group, ranging from sports to cultural interests.

Starting a group is the easiest way to manage 5 friendships with 20 % of the effort.Ideas could include a weekly lunch, a monthly sewing circle or a movie night.

Ref: Deepstash – Self Improvement, Motivational & care


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