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Seed Sprouter Tray, 5 Pack BPA Free Double Layer Nursery Tray Seed Germination Tray lid Holes Grid Seed Sprouter Tray Nursery Tray for Seedling Planting Great for Garden Home Office

About this item

Made of food grade PP raw materials, nontoxics and odorless, health and safe, eco-friendly. Sprouting without soil or ohter additives.Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches and soups.

Broader use: This Seedling cradle a variety of types of small seeds such as beans, peas, mung, wheat grass seed, alfalfa, vanilla Radish, expelling, perilla, Chinese cabbage, etc.

Concave-convex design, convenient to take out inner mesh tray, Inside mesh tray provides excellent breathability, facilitate seed germination. Densely small hole, take root easily, high budding rate.

Suitable for beginners. Follow the instructions, you can sprout beans easily. The kit also contains germinating paper. Enjoy Nutritious Green Food at Home! ?

Tip:Please do not put too many seeds on the plate to avoid they overlap and become moldy.
Size: 34 * 24.5 x 10 cm (13.4″ * 9.65″ * 3.94″), Inner container size: 32.3 * 23.5 * 3.6 cm (12.72″ * 9.25″ * 1.42″), lower case size: 33.7 * 24.5 * 4.2 cm (13.27″ * 9.65″ * 1.65″). Growing you have multiple types of seeds.

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