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AUGSMIAR Foldable Laundry Basket (16 Gallon) – Detachable Brackets and Long Cotton Rope Handles – Clothes, Toys, Towels, Sundries Organizer

About this item

Usage: The laundry basket is specially designed for family storage. It can be placed in bedroom, children’s room, sundry room, outdoor, etc. To store and change clothes, bedding, sundries, toys, small objects, etc.

Structure: The top of storage basket is made of steel wire as the frame, and supported by 4 brackets. The overall structure is stable, and good stability can be maintained even for full clothes.

Space Saving: It covers an area of only 1.29 square feet, with a storage capacity of 58L, which saves space and has a larger storage capacity. When you don’t use it, fold it up, the size is only 16.5 x 12.5x 2.4 inches, saving more space for your life.

Fabric and Material: The external fabric is made of special linen fabric, which is dirt resistant and easy to clean. With EVA film, it has good moisture-proof performance. The interior is made of polyester and cotton, which is soft. After long-term use, it can be washed with water, both outside and inside.

Cotton Rope Handle: With cotton rope handle, the hand feel is softer and the overall design is better. You can adjust the size length according to your needs.

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