Round Clear Plastic Jars With Black Lids, A Spatula, A Pen & Labels



Size:8 Ounce(8pack)

8 Pack 8 OZ Round Clear Plastic Jars Specification:

Quantity: 8
Jar Size: 2.4 inches x 3.3 inches (Height x Diameter)
Spatula length: 5 inches.
Capacity: 8 OZ
Material: PET
1. BPA free & 100% food safe.
2. Lightweight and recyclable.
3.Leak proof and airtight: We also provide the foam liner for you to choose to use. The foam liner concealed within the black lid creates an airtight seal when the lid is securely screwed onto the container.

This amazing versatile container can be filled with your homemade essential oil blends or creams. Also can be used as a container for gel, serum, putty, hair care products, salt, cookies, grains, legumes or nails, screws, etc. Widely use for cosmetics, bathroom, kitchen, craft, gifts & travel. Also is perfect for promotional goods and item re-sale.

NOTE: Not dishwasher safe, do not put in microwave.

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