Dish Drying Rack




Foldable drying mat of the practical size will serve you not only as a drainer but will simplify your cooking being a preparation rack, a trivet and a colander at the same time.


¥Multipurpose kitchen sink rack is non-slip and friendly to glassware, cutlery, etc.
¥The rolls rv drying rack is heat-resistant and will easily serve you as a trivet for hot bowls, rinsing vegetables.
¥Silicone fringe sink dish rack can be easily cleaned with water and put in a dishwasher being very durable and rust resistant.
¥The drainer has convenient sizes which fit most of the sinks and even can be cut into two if you need a smaller mat for your kitchen.
¥Steel flat dish drying rack can be rolling up countless times not like those easily broken plastic ones.
¥Set it over your kitchen sink to rinse and drip-dry fresh produce.


Size: 21" x 16"
Weight: 400 gr
Resistance: 400 F°
Outer Coat: Silicone