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37 Awesome Cat Fact To Understand Better

Amazing Fact About Cats You Should Read it If You Are Buying a cat or A Cat Lover

1:Some cats have survived falls from over 32 stories (320 meters) onto concrete, due largely to their “righting reflex.”.

2:Cats recognize their owners’ voices but seem too cool to care, according to a study.

3:A cat called “Dusty” produced 420 kittens during her breeding life, a world record.

4:Black cats are considered to bring good luck in Japan.

5:The longest cat ever measured 48.5 inches (1.23 m) when fully stretched out.

6:Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.

7:Cats can’t see directly below their noses.

8:Cats can’t see directly below their noses.

9:Cats can swallow and digest their food without chewing it.

10:A cat’s tail contains nearly 10% of all the bones in its body.

11:Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third, researchers found.

12:Cats have 32 muscles that control the outer ear while humans have only 6.

13:Cleaning a cat’s litter box can get you Toxoplasmosis if the cat is infected. While pregnant, it can cause your baby to be born with cerebral palsy, seizures, and mental retardation.

14:Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.

15:Guinness World Records stopped awarding the fattest cats or any other animal to discourage deliberate overfeeding.

16:Cats can dream. They produce the same brain wave patterns that we do when we dream.

17:The oldest video of cats on YouTube dates from 1894.

18:Cats can become addicted to tuna and refuse to eat anything else, becoming what’s known as ‘tuna junkies.’.

19:Cats can’t taste sweetness.

20:Research has shown that domestic cats never forgive. They fail to show signs of reconciliation like other animals do.

21:Cats sweat through their paws.

22: A fingerprint is to a human as a nose is to a cat.

23:The world’s smallest cat is called “Tinker Toy” and he’s just 2.75 inches (7 cm) tall.

24:The CIA spent US$20 million in the 60s training cats to spy on the Soviets. The first spy cat was hit by a taxi.

25:There’s a theatre in Russia where all the actors are cats.

26:The first cloned cat was called “CC”, short for “Carbon Copy.”.

27:Cat kidneys are so efficient they can rehydrate by drinking seawater.

28:In Ancient Egypt, killing a cat, even accidentally, incurred the death penalty.

29:Cats are believed to be responsible for the extinction of several species of animals.

30:A cat inherited a US$13 million fortune from its owner in Italy.

31:Declawing cats is legal in most U.S. states but banned in at least 22 countries including Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

32:In 1963, a cat called “Felicette” became the first feline in space.

33:Every year, nearly four million cats are eaten in China as a delicacy.

34:In 2009, an accused Florida man said his cat downloaded child porn, not him.

35:Cats have three eyelids.

36:Cats can get sick or die from eating chocolate.

37:Scientists have created glow-in-the-dark cats by inserting the jellyfish protein that codes for bioluminescence into their genome.